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Association of Architect Students – AStA Cluj

The Association of Architect Students is a non-profit and a-political organization that unites students from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning Cluj-Napoca. It was founded from the need to create and express the identity of the architecture students and to create an organized environment for the students’ involvement in the city life.


Educational Dissemination in Urbanism, Architecture & Crafts is an EU-funded Leonardo da Vinci project based in Norway.

Claus Zapffe

Claus Zapffe Darboven  is a  German architect born in 1987 in Hamburg who studied architecture in Norway and Spain. He is a founding member  of the group witch deals with management of the European School of Architecture and Urbanism (SEAU) and founding member of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism that has it’s headquarters  in Osla, Norway.

Claus Darboven Zapffe este un architect german nascut in Hamburg in 1987 ce a studiat arhitectura in Norvegia si Spania. El este atat membru fondator al grupului ce se ocupa de management al Scolii Europene de Arhitectura si Urbanism (SEAU) si membru fondator al consiliului Retelei Internationale  pentru Cladiri Traditionale, Arhitectura si Urbanism (RICTAU) ce isi are sediul in Osla, Norvegia.

Transylvania Trust

The Transylvania Trust is a registered charity, set up by conservation professionals and volunteers in 1996. Its principal aim is to conserve and promote Transylvania’s rich and diverse built heritage, to encourage the society to be receptive towards the built environment. The Trust is active in all fields of conservation: data-recording, inventory, survey, building restoration, maintenance, training, and also scientific research.

David Baxter

David Baxter is a British architect born in 1952 that graduated from Nottingham Trent polytechnic university. His specialization is town planning, specifically design in the built environment, local and regional policy development. He has been involved in in the restoration project of the  largest complex of castles in Transylvania (Build Heritage Conservation Training Center) including Castle Bánffy in Bontida and implementing Built Heritage and Landscape Development Program through international exchanges between Landscape universities of Bucharest and Budapest,  incorporating historical study and design facilities.

David Baxter este un architect de nationalitate britanica nascut in 1952 ce a absolvit studiile universitatii politehnice Trent din Nottingham. Specializarea lui e urbanismul, mai exact design in spatiu construit si politic de dezvoltare locala si regional. A lucrat la restaurarea celui mai mare complex de castele din Transilvania (Build Heritage Conservation Training Centre) printre care si castelul Banffy din Bontida si in implementarea programului Built Heritage and Landscape Development (Patrimoniul construit si dezvoltarea peisagera) prin schimburi international intre Universitatile de Peisagistica din Bucuresti si Budapesta incorporand studiul si proiectarea amenajarilor peisagere istorice.


Planwerk is a Hamburg born initiative, that through the Summer schools realized an exchange of experience between German and Romanian students, building a network of architects and urban planners that are now having very close collaborations with the Technical University of Cluj and the local authorities from Cluj. Planwerk is now appreciated as the best urbanism office in Romania, holding 2 of the gold medals from the Architecture Biennale from Bucharest, for the urban planning section.


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