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Re: Presentations

aim of the workshop

The relation between the architectonic project and its graphical representation becomes closer in the field of architectural competition. The drawing must assume other qualities besides the mere technical presentation, so it must be thought in terms of concretion in the idea representation, the rotundity of the image, the appropriate scale, the composition of the graphical support, etc…

Due to the increasing proliferation of the architecture Competitions as a way to initiate the professional trajectory, it is pretended to facilitate the knowledge of its methodology and introduce the student in the practice of its graphical elaboration.

practical exercise – competition of  ideas

It is proposed one exercise to be done in the informatics class, to put into practice the acquired skills. This exercise will be done by mounting up some expositive panels in the way of an architecture Competition. The presentation will be done in A1 sizes panels, which are the usual ones in Architecture Competitions.  In this panels must be included the graphical information that the student consider to be opportune to explain his idea and materialization of the Project, as well as the written documentation requested in most of  the Competitions of this kind.

This final exercise will be presented as a Competition among the students and will be valued the relation of the project idea/graphic tools elected, not interfering with architectonic conceptual aspects, connected to other signatures of the career.

Someş Riverside

planning in historic environment

Development of the riversides along the historical centre as part of the Politics for Someș, included in the future masterplan of the city, towards the integration of the river in to the actual citylife and using its potential to become a backbone for connecting the city from west to east, as ”blue diagonall”.

The concept includes research of the possible development, including mobility infrastructure (roads along the river), public spaces (hard and soft) and building paramethers (density, height), as well as identifying the valuable vistas of the riversides (riverlandscape) and the vistas toward the historical centre from key positions along the river.

Refferences :
Work included in the preparation for the new Landuse Plan of Cluj (PUG Cluj 2010),
Politics for Thames included in the London Plan,
The New York Plan
other documents


restoration of the built heritage

description comming up soon


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