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graphical representation in architectural competitions


  • Saturday – 20 Feb – 11:00 – Rene Descartes 30 (la Centrala)

Lecture by Salvador Girabelt

Reserved title

Thursday – 18 Feb – 17:00 – Rene Descartes 30 (la Centrala)

Ne vedem Joi cu Hugo Costa (part 2)

Basic design concepts. Examples

There are several types of architecture Competitions, namely:
– Competitions of Ideas
– Competitions of Project and work
– Competitions of technical assistance
– Competitions of development of execution projects

Each one of these typologies is accompanied by series of technical conditions that will no doubt influence in the graphical planning of the proposals to be exhibited. They will be analysed from the free presentations of the Competitions of ideas up to the most “normalized” of the Competitions of project and work.

Wednesday – 17 Feb – 16:00
Rene Descartes 30 (la Centrala)

Hugo Costa

How to compose a panel
(grid design and grid-free design)

Graphic concepts applied to architecture ideas


  • How to compose a panel (grid design and grid-free design)

Will be approached the different graphical aspects, to have in account in the graphical representation of the architecture Competitions.
– the significance of the graphical support dimension
– the balance in the composition of the blade: balance/symmetry
– the line type: weight/intensity/quality
– the binominal given information – scale of the drawing
– the importance of the text organization, type and scale.
– the superposition of the different representations
– the simultaneous perspectives
– the collage as a conceptual instrument
– the incorporation of the informatics image
– the colour in the presentation

  • Graphic concepts applied to architecture ideas

In this theme will be done a historical exploration in different architectural competitions where the  qualities previously studied  will be appreciated. This study will be supported with specific conferences.

Following are the proposed basic themes:
– Competition of the Soviets Palace
– Competition of the extension and remodelling of the Prado Museum. Madrid
– Europan
– Competitions of the IVVSA social houses ( Instituto Valenciano de la Vivienda).
– Competitions of different Buildings of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
– Competitions of the headquarters of the Architects College
– Competitions of the Education Counsel
– Competitions of the  Sanitary Counsel


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