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graphical representation in architectural competitions




Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Departamento de Expresión Gráfica Arquitectónica

The relationship between the architectural design and its representation becomes a key issue for the communication of architectural intentions. This relationship takes on special relevance in the field of architectural competitions. In the white panels base, architectural drawings are beyond the mere scope of representation, taking on other aspects such as the achievement of the idea, the precision of the graphic image, the appropriate scales graphics depending on support, the value of the line and the represented overall composition.

According to Kandinsky „the composition is only an accurate and regular organization in the form of tension, of the living forces in the elements.” With this premise, we propose the graphic compositional methods consistent with the architectural concept to convey. It is understood that the various graphical elements on the panel, become information layers arranged with an internal order, not only expository, but also informative and visual.

To be rigorous in some respects, will provide effective graphic speech, that will be determinant to the recipient:

– The significance of the graphical support dimension
– The balance in the composition of the blade: balance/symmetry
– The line type: weight/intensity/quality
– The binominal given information – scale of the drawing
– The importance of the text organization, type and scale.
– The superposition of the different representations
– The simultaneous perspectives
– The collage as a conceptual instrument
– The incorporation of the informatics image
– The color in the presentation

The above exposed, is being experienced under the teaching of the course Aplicaciones Infográficas a la representación del proyecto. And the practice is specified in an external juried competition, equivalent to a professional contest. The students start from a single building proposed by the teachers, and their goal is to extract the project idea, representing it  in  the most effective graphical way, as it would be conducted after their passage through university teaching. Each experience is formalized in a different panel that is exposed at the end of each course, punctuated by that jury.

In this exhibition we summarize three years of working experiences with students from all around Europe that, we hope, express our goals in a graphic path.


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