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If you want to register for one (or more) workshop(s), send an e-mail to with the name of the workshop you’d like to attend (Re: Presentations, Someş Riverside or Bonţida), full name and year of study until Tuesday, the 9th of February 2010. Please also include a very short motivation letter, describing why you want to attend the workshop(s).

For Re:Presentations there will be a number of 20 students admitted for the workshop.

For Someş Riverside we’ll works with 20 students, and for Bonţida there will be 10 students, since it involves transportation and space at the castle. Because Someş Riverside and Bonţida are at the same time, you must choose just one of them, or define a priority in your registration e-mail if you want to try for both (or all) of them.

For the Bucureşti trip, registrations for 2nd year students will end on the 14th of February. After that, other students are wellcomed to come with us, and they can also benefit on the significant deductions that we’ve negociated, but this only if rooms are available after the 2nd year students registration.

To register for the ArchiCAD Basic Trainings sign up here:

Each ArchiCAD Basic Trainings will work with 25 students (there will be 2 trainings).


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